Monday, November 28, 2016

Crazy Good Love

My debut novel is getting closer to being done. It is currently on round two of editing. Cover revel will be happening soon. Here is a sneak peek...

From the minute I saw him, Steve has consumed all of my thoughts and just the thought of him has influenced my actions. We didn’t officially meet until my first day on campus, but I did see him prior to that when I attended freshman orientation. He was hard not to notice: he stood 6’4”, blonde hair, blue eyes and a hard body; the perfect blend of clean cut athlete but with a little bit of bad boy mixed in. If it weren’t for the tattoos peeking out of his shirt sleeve, barbell piercing in the top of one ear I would say he looked like he belonged on a football field. To further mess with my perception of him, he’s a member of to the Phi Delta fraternity and was volunteering his time by helping out during the orientation. I was thankful they separated students and parents during the orientation; it gave me the opportunity to steal glances at the athletic bad boy...without my dad noticing.

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